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Beachstone House
The shop front as it appears today

Beachstone House
Walter Foy standing outside his shop

Beachstone House
Spandrels and Capitals

Beachstone House
Beachstone House
46-47 Swain Street - Shop Façade
Built circa 1905 of red brick and sandstone by Walter Foy, Watchmaker and Jeweller and staunch methodist.

Beachstone House Very much as it was when Walter Foy had it built. With only minor alterations it is an excellent example of an Edwardian shop front with a number of interesting features.

On close inspection of the brickwork there is clear evidence that an awning was fitted. Above the signboard there is indication of a dentil cornice which could be replaced.

The shop door has been changed to accommodate a plate glass that replaced the etched glass original that proclaimed ' W Foy Watchmaker and Jeweller ' this was etched with decorative scrollwork.

N.B. The left side scrolled pediment is a replacement and is a perfect example of considered restoration impossible to detect from the original. This work was carried out by Bob Freeman of Blue Anchor.

The display windows were gas lit.

Of particular interest are the spandrels and capitals to the top of the columns. These are all different and have a floral theme. It has been suggested that these may originally have been painted with complimentary colours.

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