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A year-long look at wildlife and plants along the Mineral Line A year-long look at wildlife and plants along the Mineral Line
This short work, initiated by Watchet Conservation Society, records the result of a short (1 year) look at the life to be found from a series of walks along the track-bed, of the one-time Mineral Railway Line, between Watchet and Washford. By Dave Simpson-Scott.

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Turner Interpretation Board Turner Interpretation Board
The Turner Interpretation Board at Splash point, a celebration was held on Saturday 22nd September at 11.00am. The Town Crier was present to announce the ceremony and Mr J. M. W. Turner himself made an appearance. The board's creation began as a Conservation Society project but evolved into a joint enterprise with the Onion Collective.

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Stoates Mill Interpretation Board Stoates Mill Interpretation Board
The Stoates Mill Board at the new development Stoates Mill Anchor Street, shows the history of the mill from 1832 to modern day. It's next to the recently refurbished Gilkes Vortex Turbine and has a detailed explanation, from the Engineers Handbook (1915), on how it worked.

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Seascape Seascape
At the end of Esplanade Lane ,towards the Esplanade itself, you will find the very impressive sculpture called "Seascape". This was conceived by the Watchet Conservation Society and implemented By David Milton , unveiled on 27th December 2011 , and has been admired and interpreted by all who pass. It is the seasons, the sea , the weather, nature and much more. It will stand proud, reminding us that much changes but as a Conservation Society we must protect and improve the physical and natural environment of our Town.

The Wansbrough Paper Mill Chimney The Wansbrough Paper Mill Chimney
The Wansbrough Paper Mill Chimney was built to give a bigger draw to the boilers used to dry the paper but later replaced by more modern methods. However the Chimney remained, maintained by the Mill, until 2011, when it was decided to demolish it for safety reasons.

We, as a Conservation Society, wanted to put a Preservation Order on it but as this was refused we designed and erected an Interpretation Board on the land at the base of the Chimney. This can be viewed by turning down the right-hand lane by the side of the main entrance gates to St. Decuman's Church. Do go and read about the Chimney and look down over the site of the Mill which unfortunately shut down on the 23rd December 2015, after a huge and interesting history.

Victorian Tidal Pool Victorian Tidal Pool
Watchet's Victorian Tidal Pool can be found at West Street Beach at the bottom of a short slipway. Watchet had two pools, this one and one off Helwell Bay, which has disappeared, for in those days ladies and men did not bathe together !! Early each Summer Watchet Conservation Society takes the plug out, drains the pool, lets the sea wash in two or three tides, then at low tide scrubs the seaweed off, removes all the rocks and shingle from the base, digs a wide trench around it to prevent the shingle washing back in and then replaces the bung ready for visiting and local children to enjoy the freshly cleared pool with boats, paddling and splashing through the Summer.

Goviers Lane Railway Crossing Goviers Lane Railway Crossing
When Goviers Lane Railway Crossing was improved we were asked if we would like to re-plant the three small gardens there and this is now an ongoing job with adding Annuals and bulbs to welcome people as they walk off the West Somerset Railway platform. Rose bushes and shrubs have been sponsored by members and friends and help in weeding etc is done willingly,but extra hands are always welcome.

Memorial Ground Fire Basket Memorial Ground Fire Basket
When Health & Safety said the Beacon on the Memorial Ground could no longer be used as a fire basket, the Watchet Town Council asked if we could find a use for it as to take it down would be very expensive. It was decided that a weathervane would be topic as there is always a wind in Watchet and one with a Beautiful Golden Yacht atop was sourced and before fitting took place it was laid on the ground, as was the old custom, and all the school children jumped over it. They can then point up to it in later years and say to their grandchildren, "I jumped over that when I was your age." The yacht is still shining brightly, a lovely use to an old beacon.

Cider Apple Orchard Cider Apple Orchard
Our newest project is our Cider Apple Orchard. Having been given a Cider Apple tree two years running from Pebbles Bar, after the Wassailing Ceremony, we have joined with The Onion Collective, to plant an orchard on the new Pleasure Garden at Splash Point. We have added six young cider apple trees so now we hope to raise these and more, to form our Watchet Orchard, similar to many towns in Somerset, to preserve the old varieties of apples that are dying out.

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